CBVB:DEEP — Christer Bothén Bass Clarinet & Contrabass Clarinet — Vilhelm Bromander Double Bass. Upcoming record

After having played together in many different contexts, Christer Bothén and Vilhelm Bromander formed the duo CBVB in 2014 in order to enter closer artistic collaboration. The forming of this duo has meant a possibility to realize a highly consistent study of the big instruments’ sounding possibilities. The result of this work is now presented in the suite “DEEP”, consisting of five joint compositions and one structured improvisation. CBVB invites you to deep listening in a very rich, yet simultaneously very reduced musical world of micro movements, interferences, trembling, silences, and unpredictable events, all of it performed with artistic integrity and poetic logic. DEEP had its premiere performance in Stockholm in 2016. 

Track list

  1. Interference I
  2. Rythm
  3. Flying
  4. Interference II
  5. Lights
  6. Coda

Vilhelm Bromander has the last couple of years established himself as one of the most interesting and active musicians on the Stockholm experimental scene. With a great curiosity in sound, texture, intonation and timbre he embraces his bass from a lot of different angles: improvisational, emotional, compositional, social and political. Beside CBVB you can hear him in groups like The Mute (Dörner/Olsson/Bromander), solo and in the Revoid Ensemble. He has played with musicians like Axel Dörner, Tisha Mukarji, Sten Sandell, Audrey Chen, Mats Gustafsson, Kai Fagaschinski, Christer Bothén, David Stackenäs, Martin Küchen, Eivind Lønning, Dror Feiler, Katt Hernandez, Michael Thieke, Leo Dupleix, Lisa Ullén, Raymond Strid, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Marc Sabat, Daniel Johnston, Jonas Kullhammar, Per Texas Johansson to name a few.

Christer Bothén has studied hunter’s music and six stringed Harp-lute Donso n´goni in Mali with hunter master-musician Brouema Dombia. He has also studied Gnaoua music in Morocco with Maalem Abdelatif Elmakhsoumi. Several years of collaboration with Don Cherry. CB was his teacher in playing the Donso n´goni and Don exposed him to his and Ornette Colemans music. Touring and playing with Don Cherry in New York, and Newport Jazz Festival, Poland, Italy, Nederland’s, France, Germany, Scandinavia. They toghether with the jazz composers orchestra also recorded the original music for A. Jodorovskis film “the Holy Mountain”. Many years as a leader of several groups playing original compositions, recording, and touring with Christer Bothén Acoustic Ensemble. He is currently member of Mats Gustafssons Nu Ensemble. In later years concentrating on the big clarinets and developing a higly personal language on the bass and contrabass clarinets. He has composed several pieces for large ensembles including several bass/contrabass clarinets, electronics, voice and inside piano.  The pieces has been performed by Sofia Jernberg, Tisha Mukarji, Hans Koch, Dror Feiler, Per Texas Johansson, Boa Petterson, Kristine Scholz, Magnus Granberg among others. Christer is also active as a visual artist and have had numerous exhibitions. Recently a one man show in Gallry Tegen in Stockholm with Paintings, Drawings, Film and light-instantallations.

  • Release Date : soon

  • Producer : CBVB